Our People

Who are we?  Mouse over the figures.  It’s the same chair.  Yet we’re different.  It’s the same table.  Yet you will see something on the table that uniquely inspires each of us.

It’s a small glimpse into why we’re different; not only between us, but also as a firm.  We see ourselves as more than lawyers, just as we see the complete picture of our clients and the needs of our clients.

Click through any figure and you’ll find more about each of us.  You can use the search fields below as well.  Give us a call.  Ask any of us why we chose what’s on the table.  We suspect we will have much in common.

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R. Kelvin Antill

Partner410.727.8554Real Estate

Andrew H. Baida


Adam D. Baker

Partner410.727.6600Real Estate

Brett F. Baldino

Counsel410.727.6600Business Planning & Transactions, Tax & Wealth Planning

Robert M. Berman

Associate410.727.6600Business Planning & Transactions, Real Estate

Lorenzo A. Bivans, Jr.

Senior Counsel410.727.6600Business Planning & Transactions, Tax & Wealth Planning

Christina Bolmarcich


Joshua D. Bradley

Partner410.727.6671Creditors’ Rights

Jamar R. Brown

Partner410.895.1200Criminal Defense and Investigations, Litigation

John A. Carpenter, Jr

Partner410.649.1239Commercial Lending, Real Estate

Jessica L. Duvall

Associate410.895.1207Creditors’ Rights

Louis J. Ebert

Pro-Bono Chair410.649.4995N/A

Harris Eisenstein

Partner410.727.6600Creditors’ Rights, Litigation

Stanley S. Fine

Partner410.727.6600Real Estate

Gerard J. Gaeng


Barry C. Greenberg

Partner410.727.6600Commercial Lending, Real Estate

Jeffrey S. Greenberg

Partner410.727.6683Commercial Lending, Creditors’ Rights

William L. Hallam

Partner410.727.8545Creditors’ Rights

Caroline L. Hecker

Managing Partner410.727.6600Real Estate

Brooke A. Hutchins

Associate410.727.6600Litigation, Real Estate

Kari M. Kelly

Partner410.649.1243Commercial Lending, Real Estate

Thérian (Jung Yong) Lee

Associate410.727.0393Criminal Defense and Investigations, Litigation

Steven H. Levin

Partner410.685.0078Criminal Defense and Investigations, Litigation

Jeffrey M. Lichtstein

Partner410.727.6600Criminal Defense and Investigations, Litigation

Gerard P. Martin

Partner410.547.8764Criminal Defense and Investigations, Litigation

Jonathan Z. May

Partner410.727.8546Business Planning & Transactions, Tax & Wealth Planning

Lauren McLarney

Associate410.685.0098Criminal Defense and Investigations, Litigation

Stuart R. Rombro

Partner410.727.6600Business Planning & Transactions, Tax & Wealth Planning

Benjamin Rosenberg

Chairman, Partner410.727.6600Litigation

Adam Ruther

Partner410.727.6677Creditors’ Rights, Criminal Defense and Investigations, Litigation

Bryan K. Saxton

Partner410.727.6600Business Planning & Transactions, Commercial Lending, Real Estate, Tax & Wealth Planning

Gabrielle D. Shirley

Senior Counsel410.895.1218Business Planning & Transactions

Cynthia L. Spell

Partner410.727.6600Business Planning & Transactions, Commercial Lending, Real Estate

Gail M. Stern

Of Counsel410.727.6600Business Planning & Transactions, Commercial Lending, Real Estate

M. Ari Storch

Associate(410) 727-8664Business Planning & Transactions, Real Estate

Drew E. Tildon

Associate410.727.6600Real Estate

Justin A. Williams

Partner410.727.8647Real Estate

David M. Wyand


Jennifer E. Zohorsky

Partner410.649.4983Commercial Lending, Real Estate