Creditors Rights

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Reputation Matters

The leaders of the Creditors' Rights Group each have more than 30 years experience representing secured and unsecured lenders, landlords, and trade creditors in loan restructures, bankruptcy proceedings, foreclosures and commercial litigation in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Our attorneys are well known by judges and debtors' counsel. We represent some of the largest banks and other financial institutions in the country, including Bank of America, BB&T, General Electric Capital Corporation, M&T Bank and PNC Bank.

Experience Matters

We have done it all and seen it all, and are thus able to handle your needs in an efficient result-oriented fashion.  Our substantial experience allows us to help you decide as part of a team effort upon the proper strategy, consistent with your goals.

Cost Matters

Whatever is decided as a course of action, we know how to implement it in a manner which not only maximizes your recovery but keeps fees and expenses in check, which is important to us, too.  We do our best to keep fees and expenses down, not just because we know that is what you want, but because it's the right thing to do when building a long-term relationship with a client.

Creative Solutions Matter

In these current difficult economic times when collateral values are deflated, typical workout strategies often are not effective.  Often, "outside the box" strategies are required to maximize your ultimate return.