Protection Matters

We know that every construction contract involves the diverse interests of owners, contractors, architects and other design professionals. Being aware of, and managing, these interests can be a challenge. We work with our clients to protect their interest in the construction project and to ensure that they understand all of the competing interests which come into play.

Diversity Matters

The world of construction contracts is wide. RMG is up to the challenge with a team of attorneys with diverse backgrounds in every aspect of real estate and contract enforcement. In structuring construction contracts we keep our eye on the big picture and the client's ultimate goal of a successful and profitable project.

Details Matter

Whether it involves approving plans and specifications, schedules of completion, manner of payment or a host of other issues specific to construction contracts, our attorneys know that the details matter and can make the difference in achieving a successful project. We know the right questions to ask and will assist you in formulating answers which will lead to success.