Probate, Estate & Trust Administration & Estate Litigation

Understanding Matters

RMG’s team of experienced and professional probate attorneys and paralegals are ready to assist you during the difficult time after a loved one has passed. We can assist you no matter where you are during the probate process, including preparing and filing all necessary documents with the Register of Wills related to the administration of the estate, opening the estate, distributing assets, preparing and filing of necessary federal and/or Maryland estate tax returns and fiduciary income returns. We work with fiduciaries and beneficiaries of trusts or estates to ensure proper distribution and management of assets.

Strength Matters

In the event of an estate or trust dispute, RMG’s experienced estate litigation attorneys can handle any and all matters related to will contests, will challenges, removal of a personal representative or executor, and other litigation matters arising from the administration of an estate or trust.

Outcomes Matter

Our team of professionals can provide valuable advice and clarity to Personal Representatives, Executors, fiduciaries and heirs of estates and trusts of all sizes, at every step of the trust and estate administration process. Our attorneys and paralegals work with all parties involved to ensure that the decedent’s last wishes are carried out, providing peace of mind and closure for the surviving family members.