Mediation and Arbitration

RMG's litigators have extensive experience representing parties in various forms of alternative dispute resolution ("ADR"), including mediations and arbitrations conducted and administered by JAMS, AAA, the Maryland Board of Realtors, and governmental agencies. ADR, whether in the form of binding arbitration or nonbinding mediation before a qualified mediator, is now regularly included as a requirement in contracts of all types, as well as in pre-trial scheduling orders issued by the courts. Thus, effective representation in all forms of alternative dispute resolution is an integral part of the litigation services that we provide for our clients, and is something that must be considered when evaluating the most effective and efficient ways to resolve a dispute.

In addition to representing individuals and businesses in ADR proceedings, RMG partner Douglas J. Furlong also serves as a mediator and arbitrator for all types of civil disputes, including construction, personal injury, professional malpractice, estates and trusts, partnership dissolutions and myriad contract disputes.