Rosenberg Martin Greenberg LLP Continuing Fund of the Baltimore Community Foundation Provides $25,000 in Grants

On October 21, 2015, the Baltimore Community Foundation announced $25,000 in grants to fund important education work from the Rosenberg Martin Greenberg LLP Continuing Fund of the Baltimore Community Foundation. In 2012, Rosenberg Martin Greenberg LLP (RMG) established the Rosenberg Martin Greenberg LLP Continuing Fund of the Baltimore Community Foundation in celebration of its 25th anniversary. It supports organizations committed to education reform in Baltimore City. It is named a “continuing fund” because it will be a permanent charitable endowment at the Baltimore Community Foundation, continuing to grow and distribute grants for generations to come. The grant recipients for funding in 2015 were Playworks and The Baltimore Community Foundation’s Fund for Education.

The $12,500 grant from the RMG fund to the Baltimore Community Foundation Fund for Education supports BCF’s mission to identify, train and support Baltimore City principals so that they can serve as the exceptional leaders that schools urgently need to give students the future they deserve. Barry C. Greenberg, RMG Managing Partner, stated: “The firm supported The Baltimore Community Foundation’s Fund for Education with a grant in 2014 to fund the research necessary to create a program which efficiently and effectively identifies qualified candidates for the role of principals within our school system. This year, we decided to continue to support that program with another grant, in hopes that the focus on identifying capable individuals who choose to take on the challenge of running a school will continue to benefit Baltimore and its student population.”

Playworks operates in Baltimore City Schools and provides play-based activities which improve the educational climate for every student. The organization received $12,500 from the fund and will use this to execute and integrated strategy and influence school administration to establish play as a key lever to improve academic outcomes in elementary school. “Playworks was an easy choice for this year’s grant recipient,” said Benjamin Rosenberg, RMG Chairman. “The concept of enhancing students’ experiences in the school system starting at a young age by implementing structure at recess time, through both play and physical activity, serves to further our fund’s mission to reform education in our community. We think Playworks is a great asset to Baltimore schools and that its impact will positively affect our city’s youth for generations to come.”

BCF President and CEO Tom Wilcox said, “We salute Rosenberg Martin Greenberg for this commitment to Baltimore. They are setting an example for other businesses that are ready to step into the role of civic leader, who want to give back to the community where they have flourished.”