Rosenberg Martin Greenberg Announces $500,000 Commitment to Establish the Rosenberg Martin Greenberg LLP Continuing Fund

Rosenberg Martin Greenberg, in celebration of its 25th anniversary, has announced a five year, $500,000 commitment to establish the Rosenberg Martin Greenberg LLP Continuing Fund of the Baltimore Community Foundation. This new Fund will support organizations committed to education reform in Baltimore City.  It is named a “continuing fund” because it will be a permanent charitable endowment at the Baltimore Community Foundation, continuing to grow and distribute grants for generations to come.

RMG Managing Partner Barry Greenberg said, “Those of us who are part of the Baltimore community understand the necessity for improvements to the public education system in Baltimore.  The need for educational opportunities of the highest levels for all students in this area is essential to the growth of and vitality of the City and its business prospects in the future.  The partners of RMG have been committed to this community for over 25 years and we believe there is no better investment in the future of this community than to support increased educational opportunities in our schools.”

As RMG and BCF together announced establishment of the Fund, they also announced two grant awards from the RMG Continuing Fund of $12,500 each to New Leaders and Access Art, recognizing the role each plays in furthering excellence in education for Baltimore’s students.

Access Art, an award-winning after-school arts and media center, empowers more than 100 young people each year to use their artistic abilities as tools for social change. The organization provides a powerful combination of hands-on learning in different artistic media and real life practice in civic affairs.

New Leaders develops talented educators into transformational school leaders, collaborating with public, private and nonprofit partners to foster the conditions that enable highly effective school leaders to drive results for students.

BCF President and CEO Tom Wilcox said, “We salute Rosenberg Martin Greenberg for this commitment to Baltimore. They are setting an example for other businesses that are ready to step into the role of civic leader, who want to give back to the community where they have flourished.”