Baltimore City Council Introduced Legislation to Rezone the Entire City of Baltimore

The Baltimore City Council introduced legislation on Monday, October 22, 2012, to comprehensively rezone the entire City of Baltimore for the first time since 1971. Known as “Transform Baltimore,” the new Zoning Code is designed to bring Baltimore into the 21st century by creating new development opportunities and establishing a level of flexibility that the current Zoning Code lacks. The new Code reflects significant changes from the current Zoning Code – including new zoning districts, use categories, design review requirements, and approval processes – which will impact nearly every property in the City. Over the next several months, the City will conduct a series of public hearings on the new Zoning Code, and it is anticipated that the entire legislative process to enact the new Zoning Code will take six months to a year to complete. Our land use attorneys would be pleased to advise you on the impacts Transform Baltimore may have on a specific property.