White Collar and Internal Investigation

Experience Matters

The White Collar/Internal Investigations group is led by Gerard P. Martin, a former Federal Prosecutor now considered one of the deans of the Federal Bar in the State of Maryland.  He leads a team of dedicated professionals that will investigate and understand the issues in your case. They have successfully investigated and tried numerous mail and wire fraud, tax evasion and political corruption cases, and have handled internal investigations for entities ranging from large municipal corporations to small non-profit companies.

Success Matters

Nothing in a criminal case is guaranteed, but our group consistently attains excellent results for our clients. Our clients are always satisfied we have unearthed the issues, evaluated the evidence, and arrived at sound conclusions and great results.

Professionalism Matters

Our group is interested in only one thing: getting the best possible result for our clients. Sometimes that means negotiation, sometimes that means litigation. But in white collar and internal investigation matters, it always means going about it with discretion and professionalism. We know these are difficult circumstances. We get it.