Construction & Real Estate Litigation

Diversity Matters

Our diversity in handling litigation matters relating to many facets of real estate law provides a unique source of "one-stop shopping" when an experienced litigator makes the difference. Whether it relates to land use disputes, real estate development contract litigation, resolving title insurance rights and obligations, or construction contracting and defect disputes, our experienced lawyers stand ready to render high-quality legal advice and, where necessary, fight aggressively to advance your interests.

Depth of Experience Matters

Our practitioners have years of experience resolving claims in all manner of dispute resolution. Whether it is at the administrative level, arbitration, or complex litigation in state or federal court, our experienced attorneys have been battle tested to obtain the best and most cost-effective result for you without having to pay for someone to learn on the job.

Results Matter

Our lawyers consistently obtain the best results for our clients given the complexity of the legal hurdles they are facing. Our practice group has tried cases to conclusion where the circumstances warrants, but we do not fight just for the sake of fighting if it is not legally or financially justified. Sometimes the best result is to compromise and our lawyers know when that time is right. If no compromise is justified, however, we have been to battle and know how to get the right result for our clients when cases do go to trial.